Choosing the Material

Many sculptures are commissioned, and the artist has few choices of materials. The buyer usually has a material in mind for the sculpture they want created. Few sculptors in the modern world can afford to create without an income. They must satisfy their customers and create with the materials chosen. Occasionally, a sculpture will have the opportunity to create pieces that are not commissioned. When this occurs, they are able to choose the materials they want to use.

Sculpting materials present a wide variety of options for an artist. An artist will often choose a material they have never worked before. This gives them a chance to experiment. It is a way to stretch their creative abilities while producing a work of art. If an artist has worked with woods, they may choose to sculpt in marble. An artist that has been working with granite for many years may decide to choose soapstone for a unique piece.

Some artists work with metals when creating sculptures. They actually create the piece as a cast and then pour molten metal into it. As long as the metal does not destroy the cast, they can create many sculptures out of different materials. This is a good way to stretch creativity while experimenting. It is perfect for artists that want to find new ways they can create.

Copper is one of the metals that are most suitable for creating sculptures. The Statue of Liberty is a good example. It is a copper statue that was originally created as a cast. The Thinker is another example of using copper for sculpture. Both of these famous sculptures have endured more than a century without excessive wear and tear. While casting with copper has been popular, artists also work with other metals. Steel sculptures are popular with modern artists. The artist can mix the steel for the properties they need in the finished product.