Learning to Carve


Choosing the Material

Many sculptures are commissioned, and the artist has few choices of materials. The buyer usually has a material in mind for the sculpture they want...


Creating Ice Sculptures

Beautifully clear, perfectly shaped pieces of ice have become widely available for important social functions, but few people know the work that goes into creating...


Progressing to Harder Substances

People that carve in wood often begin with sweet potatoes as their carving medium. These are much less expensive for the aspiring artist to purchase....


Joining a Wood Carving Club

One of the best ways to learn how to do anything is the immersion technique where a person surrounds themselves with what they want to...


Sculpting Tools

There are many different substances that can be carved, and one thing most of them have in common is the type of tools used. Whether...


Powered Carving Tools

Carving takes a great deal of time, and power tools are one way artists have found to complete their project quicker. Sometimes these tools are...


Planning a Sculpture

Sculpting is a process for many artists. They begin with a basic vision of what they want to create. Over time, they modify their vision...

Artists that sculpt often begin with simple items. They may learn how to shape clay into pots and bowls. Once they have perfected their technique, they may move on to shaping clay figures by hand. Seeking different mediums, they might choose to learn how to carve. Wood is a popular material for carving because it comes in many different varieties. Artists that learn to carve wood can then progress to substances such as minerals and stones.

Learning how to carve takes time. An artist must strike a balance between taking off too much material and too little. It is often helpful to draw a representation of the finished product they seek. Doing this will give them a chance to work out the correct sizes and shapes they need. They will also have to decide what material they want for their finished sculpture. There are many substances an artist can carve to create a beautiful sculpture that will last for years.